All That You Should Know About Filter Housing: A Brief Overview

A filter housing is a container that holds filter cartridges, bags, or baskets. Currently, there are various sizes and shapes of housing available in the market. The design of Filter Housing is influenced by elements including operating pressure, flow rate, filtration rating, total suspended solids (TSS), cost, operating temperature, service time, and operation mode – batch/continuous. 

The Main Purpose of Filter Housing

The filter cartridge or bag within is directed to receive the fluid flow once it arrives through the housing’s inlet nozzle. To remove impurities from the fluid, use a filter cartridge or bag. The transparent fluid exits the output nozzle following this procedure. For instance: 

Filter cartridge housing: Polluted liquid enters the housing and spreads uniformly across the cartridge. From the outside in, there is filtering. Clear filtrate is collected at the outlet, and particles are gathered on the exterior of the filter cartridge.

Bag filtration housing: Filtered fluid surrounds the filter bag uniformly after entering the housing. From the inside out, filtering occurs. For simple removal, solids are gathered inside the filter bag. Through the exit pipe, the filtered fluid is then accessible.

Most Common Types of Filter Housing

Cartridge filter housing

As the name implies, this is ideal for cartridge water filters. You must keep your cartridge in this water filter depending on your filter system. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose one based on the capacity of your filtration system. The cartridge housing is commonly used for under-sink home filtration, recreational vehicle filtration, pre and post-reverse osmosis systems, and food service applications.

Bag filter housing

This sort of housing is often the first choice of filter manufacturing businesses for filters designed for high flow rates. If the water flow rate is high, you’ll need something that can clean the water quickly. It must also have a large dirt-holding capacity so that impurities do not flow out with the water.

Furthermore, the bag filter casing is suitable for installation in applications that require high suspended solid pressure in the fluid. These housings are made up of numerous components, including an internal cage, a sealing arrangement, a filter bag, and an end connector. Finally, they are significantly easier to manage than other types of dwellings.

Polypropylene filter housings 

Such filter covers are a great low-cost alternative to PVDF and PTFE housings. Depending on the water softener or filter system you employ, it might remove pollutants from your water. Because these housings are entirely made of polypropylene, they are perfect for a variety of applications. These housings also have drain options to assist in maintaining water germ-free.

Guidelines for Cleaning a Filter Housing

Regular maintenance of your filter case and constant monitoring are necessary to keep your filtration system operating at peak efficiency. Check for apparent damage, such as corrosion, on the equipment. Additionally, confirm that the pressure and temperature inside your housing adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Moreover, it is imperative to remember that servicing these filters and housings should never be done until the system has been fully shut down and the pressure has been released. If necessary, clean or replace the filter. Every moving element needs to be oiled, and gaskets may also need to be changed to prevent a bad seal. Maintaining the efficiency of your filtration system also requires routine inspections of security equipment.

To Finish

When it comes to filter covers, GTS Filters And Systems is one of the best filter housing manufacturers in India. We offer a diverse range of housings for filters for use in a variety of liquid filtering. The filter cases are designed to suit the stringent filtration requirements of a wide range of industries, including plating shops, plastics and resin, medicines and hospitals, and many more. Being one of the leading filter housing suppliers in India, we offer a low-cost, portable, simple, and quick-to-set-up and maintain filter cover system for eliminating particles from liquids. 

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