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GTS Filters And Systems is noted as one of the renowned pleated filter cartridge manufacturers. We specialize in delivering an impeccable collection of Pleated Filter Cartridges to our valued customers. The cartridge supplied by us is used in aquatic, microbiological, beverage and food processing, RO/DI Filtration, Paints and Coatings, Semiconductor, Condensation Water Filtration, Pharmaceuticals, Wastewater, and Fine Chemicals, etc. industries for removing of suspended particles and contaminants existing in the water. It is highly effective in eliminating particles down to 0.2 microns.

The pleated filter cartridge is designed and developed by us are manufactured precisely and accurately using excellent raw material under the strict supervision of our senior team of skilled engineers and workers. Our Pleated filter cartridge is a process filter cartridge with layers of cellulose, polyester(PE), polypropylene(PP), and glass. It has excellent long-term filtration and retention efficiency with high filter surface areas which leads to low pressure and wide chemical compatibility by using approval materials.

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    As a leading manufacturers of pleated filter cartridge, we offer moderately priced pleated filter cartridge with high filtration efficiency to various industries. The construction of pleated filter cartridges adopts welding methods to seal all elements, ensuring that no leakage occurs, thereby maximizing its reliability. A Pleated-filter cartridge consists of many layers which enable it to capture the different size of particles in terms of their micron grading and increases the dirt-holding capacity.

    We provide this cartridge in various setups according to the requirement of the client at a very affordable price. These elements are designed using excellent quality raw material and latest machines by our professionals and are properly tested against the preset quality parameters. Our offered elements are made available in different sizes and designs to fulfill specific requirement of our clients.

    Pleated filter cartridges are suitable for filtration of wide variety of process liquids and gases including pleated polyester filter cartridges, pleated filter cartridge, fiber glass pleated filter cartridges,5- micron pleated water filters and many more.

    Pleated water filters deliver high dirt -loading capacity at lower differential pressures. One of its main advantages is that they are washable and can be reused. And also, We provide a bypass system in our filter cartridges for various types of oil filtration applications. We also make retrofit or upgrade or identical filter cartridges.