A Brief Overview of Bag Filter Housing Uses In Different Industries

To maintain the quality and consistency of the end product, industrial filtration systems require a dependable filtration system. Bag filters are an important aspect of these systems because they effectively remove solid particles that might harm equipment, impair efficiency, and compromise product quality. Bag filters can also help avoid downstream equipment clogging and fouling, lowering maintenance costs and downtime. This blog will provide a closer look at single and multi bag filter housing and mainly highlight the bag filter housing uses in various sectors.

Bag Filter Housing

A Bag Filter System can handle nearly any liquid and viscosity. The liquid flows from the inside of the bag to the outside, trapping the particles. Bag Filter Vessels come in single and multi-bag configurations. Multi-bag units have a huge surface area as well as high flow rates. When properly sized, the filter bags have a comparable long life and require little maintenance.

Moreover, bag filter systems operate on a simple principle. A strong barrier is formed between the bag filter and the housing, preventing contaminants or unfiltered water from escaping. Only filtered water is allowed to travel through, with everything else remaining in the filter bag. However, bag filter housing sizes may differ.

Single-bag filter housing

Filter housings with a single bag are perfect for small-scale applications where quality control is necessary. These use a single filter bag to remove dirt and particles from a system’s fluid. There are numerous sorts of bags available, created from a variety of sturdy and absorbent materials. 

Multi bag filter housing

As the name implies, multi-bag filter housings hold numerous bags at once. These are ideal for larger applications requiring strong flow and a system that cannot be turned off. They pumped more fluid into the system at once, sometimes using up to 50 bags at once. This is equivalent to 50 times the flow rate of a single-bag housing.

Bag Filter Housing Uses in Various Industries

Bag filter housings are highly efficient and can be employed in various filtering systems that are used for liquid filtration in various industries including: 

Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry: Filtration is an important step in the production of sterile pharmaceutical products such as bulk medicines and liquid oral solutions.

Food and beverages industry: Water, juices, oils, and syrups are filtered to eliminate particulates, germs, and other impurities that can impair the taste and quality of the ultimate product.

Oil and gas industry: Bag filters are used in the oil and gas sector to remove pollutants and solid particles from drilling mud, fracking fluids, and other liquids used in oil and gas extraction and processing.

Chemical Industry: In chemical manufacturing processes, liquids are filtered to remove contaminants, assure product quality, and safeguard equipment.

Paints and coating: Paints & Coatings: Particulates from paints and coatings must be filtered out to maintain uniform quality and eliminate flaws in finished products.

Water Management: Bag filters are used in municipal and industrial water treatment plants to remove suspended solids from water before it enters the treatment process. 

To Finish

It’s not always about the filters. Bag filter housing quality and workmanship can have an impact on your productivity just as much as the filters themselves. That is why GTS Filters And Systems specializes in developing custom filter housing solutions to meet your specific production requirements.

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