The Tips To Choose The Right Bag Filter Housing You Must Be Knowing!

The Bag Filter Housing is generally used for clearing and filtering liquids that have a relatively low loading of particles that need to get removed from the fluid. The particle suspension flows through the bag, and the particles settle in the bag at the bottom of the bag. Filtration takes place from the inside out, with a supply rate of around 100 m3/m2 h on average. Because of this, bag filters often get used in conjunction with a supporting vessel. 

Because of this, bag filter housing often gets used in conjunction with a supporting vessel. It is necessary to reduce the pressure drop across the filter in cases when there is no support. In circumstances where bag filters get utilised, the size of the baghouse gets typically defined by industry standards. Supporting vessels provide mechanical clearance for filters with high throughput rates and help prevent the filter material from elongating. 

How does The Bag Filter Housing Works?

The bag filter housing operates on the concept of pressure filtration, and it is a novel form of filtration system in this respect. The bag filter has the support of a metal mesh basket built into the housing frame. Furthermore, the liquid enters by the inlet and exits through the outlet after being filtered by the bag in the middle.

Bag Filter Housing – Choosing The Right Housing Vessel 

It is critical to pick the most appropriate bag filter housing for your filtration system since there are many different sizes and designs available. Although genuine Bag Filter Housing Manufacturers In India list some parameters below that must get accounted for when determining which kind of vessel is most appropriate for your application.

The vessel considerations are – 

  • The sort of task that it carries out.
  • The greatest flow rates that it is capable of providing.
  • What is the kind of line, and what are the sizes?
  • The chemical and physical makeup of the substance
  • The extent to which contaminants can get removed 
  • The maximal temperatures and pressures it offers.

Each of these characteristics contributes to narrowing the selection of filters suiting your requirements. It is possible to identify the filter housing material based on the sample’s maximum pressure and temperature. In addition, it also depends on its physical and chemical compositions.

Bag Filter Housing – Always Rely On The Experts! 

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