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Sintered SS Filter Cartridge – An Excellent Filtration Tool

Sintered SS Filter Cartridge is a filter element made of stainless steel through a sintering process. Sintered filter cartridges consist of a filter tube, end caps, and an O-ring. GTS Filters And Systems offers world-class filter cartridges for industrial applications. When dealing with hazardous chemicals, most manufacturing industries count on Guru products for safety and efficiency. 

As one of the trusted Sintered SS Filter Cartridge Suppliers in India, we use 100% stainless steel to fabricate these filter cartridges that can tolerate high temperatures and withstand corrosion. These SS filter cartridges have good mechanical strength. These are excellent filtration tools extensively used in gas, liquid, and solids filtration for removing contaminants.

We have extensive expertise in making conventional model sintered metal filter elements and designing and manufacturing sintered elements with specified thickness, permeability, and pore size entirely based on end customer needs.

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    One-Stop Solution For All Your Sintered SS Filter Cartridge Need

    We, as one of the Sintered SS Filter Cartridge Manufacturers in India, build products with a stellar reputation. Our filter cartridges are capable of filtering a wide range of hazardous liquids. As compared to standard filter tubes, our Sintered SS Cartridge Filters have a higher dirt-holding capacity. It is one of the reasons why businesses all around the world entrust their filtration requirements to us.

    Our Sintered SS Filters are available in a number of layers and shapes, including stainless steel, bronze, nickel, single-layer to multi-layers. We normally keep these basic sintered metal filters in stock to ensure timely delivery. If you also want high-quality filter cartridges to boost your productivity and profits, buy them from us.

    Technical Parameters Of Sintered SS Filter Cartridge

    MOC SS316L Powdered Sintered
    Gasket/’O’ Ring MOC Silicon, EPDM, PTFE, Viton
    Fitment Type DOE, SOE, Code 7, Threaded M/F
    Filtration Rating 0.2, 0.45, 1, 5, 10 Micron
    Length 5”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, Customized
    Max. Operating Temperature 400 Deg. C