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Oxygen Filter Delivers Clean Air and Oxygen

With the high demand for oxygen under the current pandemic situation, there is hectic activity in building Oxygen Plants. These plants use dry compressed air as inputs and remove all other than oxygen gas by adsorption process using suitable catalysts.

For efficient working of the plants and obtain suitable quality of Oxygen for breathing purposes, we manufacture and supply a number of filters as below:

  • Particulate filters for compressed air.
  • Oil removal filters for compressed air.
  • Activated carbon filter for Oxygen to remove any traces of oil vapor and odour.
  • Bacterial removal filter.

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    These filters are designed based on the flow rates of the plants. The end connections are as desired by plant manufacturers. Generally, the first 3 filters are in Carbon Steel and the 4th filter is in SS 304 construction.
    Do let us know your requirement. We can offer you a complete set of the 4 filters for your Oxygen plant or any of the individual filter. Also, for your long term maintenance requirement, we can offer you equivalent filter elements for your existing Oxygen plants.