Understanding the guidance of the Filter element and what are its types?

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2 Types of Filter element that exist

It is the core component of industrial filters. The actual filtration process takes place in the filter element. The operating fluid moves through the element and is then reliably relieved from solid particles and other fluids. Depending on the requirements and the hydraulic filter structure, various filter materials in surface or depth filters(coarse/fine filters), different filtration ratings(1to200 µm), and designs(return line/suction)are used.

Types of the Filter Element

  • Surface filters are made of woven fabric or treated paper with uniform pore size. Fluid flows through the pores of the filter material and contaminants are stropped on the filter’s surface.
  • Depth filters are composed of layers of fabric or fibers, which provide many twisting paths for the fluid to flow through. The pores must be greater than the rated size of the filter if particles are to be held in the depth of the media rather than on the surface.

Types of the Filter Medium

We are comprised of four types of the filter medium, most of which are cleanable.

  • 5-micron: The most common 5-micron filter medium is composed of organic and inorganic fibers integrally bonded by epoxy resin and faced with a metallic mesh to add mechanical strength. In no conditions can filters of this kind be washed.
    The less common 5-micron filter medium uses layers of very fine stainless-steel fibers housed within the controlled matrix. They can be cleaned and reusable.
  • woven mesh: They are made of stainless steel and are generally rated as 15or25 microns. They are cleanable & reusable.
  • Micronic filter:  a specific filter with a specially treated cellulose paper
  • Magnetic type: They are designed primarily to trap any ferrous particles.

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