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We Offer Oil Filter Element to Fulfill Industrial Needs

GTS Filters And Systems is noted as one of the leading oil filter element manufacturers. Our offered oil filter element is available in a variety of designs and sizes as per the requirements of our valuable clients. Our manufactured oil filter elements are designed according to the predefined industrial standards. We use the best quality raw materials and advanced technology to manufacture this filter element. Contaminants in compressor, gear, or other hydraulic system oil Cause damage to the machine parts and components.

For this reason, we need a high-quality oil filter element to get the desired oil cleanliness standards as per the requirement. The oil filter utilizes an oil filter element made of waste material or pleated filter paper to trap and eliminate the suspended impurities. As the material builds upon or inside the filter medium, the oil flow gradually gets restricted. This requires a regular replacement of the filter element or the whole filter if the filter element can not be replaced separately.

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    An oil filter element is a medium that traps and removes all oil contaminants and impurities like particles, dirt, etc. from circulating within the engine and hydraulic machines so that the machine can operate excellently and flawlessly to meet the desired requirement. No machine can operate without hydraulic oil and the best way to protect the hydraulic system from any contaminated oil is to install an oil filter element. Our offered oil filter system will help reduce the possible wear and tear of the parts and will improve the working condition of the machine.

    As the oil flows the oil filter media contaminants are trapped on it over time. A few pores are left free, which in return increases the differential pressure across the filter component. As the filter media continues to accumulate more particulates the bypass valve opens this allows the oil to bypass the filter through a center tube to prevent any kind of failure of the filter element. Otherwise, the clogged oil filter media can be replaced. The filter media pore arrangement, shape, size, and quantity determines the life of the oil filter element.

    Oil filter media/element material is responsible for trapping and absorbing moisture content from oil. Oil element material is made up of varying layers and fabrics. We offered oil filter elements with various types of fabrics, paper, synthetic, polyester, pp, coalescing, borosilicate glass fiber, non-woven, stainless steel wire mesh, and sintered wire mesh filter material. This oil filter element available in plain cylindrical (Wrap Type) and pleated configurations to increase the filtration area. We offer high-temperature resistance and can withstand high differential pressure and customized design in the oil filter element. Our oil filter element available with positive sealing like ‘O’ ring, Gasket, Threaded connection, code 7 types, and TC connection to ensure leakage. Oil filter element made with chemical adhesive or fully welded joints. We also manufacture retrofit or replacement or equivalent oil filter elements.