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We are noted as one of the renowned Lube oil filter manufacturers. A Lube oil filter is used to remove the impurities and other pollutants from the lube system. If contamination produced by the engine is not extracted and filtered out, the abrasive material will get accumulated and will easily damage the moving parts of the engine. Our lube oil filter has excellent filtration performance and a better ability to retain pollutants. The main purpose of the lube oil filter is to extend the life of the oil and to mitigate the effects of the damage-causing contaminants.

Our lube oil filters are available in a variety of media options such as different types of fabrics, paper, synthetic, polyester, pp, coalescing, borosilicate glass fiber, non-woven, stainless steel wire mesh, and sintered wire mesh filter material. All our manufactured lube oil filters are tested in compliance with the most demanding industrial applications. The mesh structure allows lube oil filters to capture dirt particles with a maximum filtration availability area and minimize fluid flow resistance.

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    This lube oil filter available in plain cylindrical (Wrap Type) and pleated configurations to increase the filtration area. Enhanced pleat stability results in improvement of the lifetime of the oil filter element and consistent filter performance and reduces the cost of replacement. Our lube oil filter ensures better oil cleanliness by removing all size contaminants more completely. Lube Oil filters provide very good protection against pollutants and improve the efficiency of the Lube Oil system and its components.

    We also offer customized lube oil filters and design it according to the customer’s requirements and parameters. Our offered lube oil filter have high-temperature resistance and it can withstand high differential pressure also. Our lube oil filter is provided with positive sealing like ‘O’ ring, Gasket, Threaded connection, code 7 types, and TC connection to prevent leakage. Our Lube oil filter is finished with chemical adhesive or fully welded joints. We offer bypass arrangements in our lube oil filter for various types of oil filtration applications. We also manufacture retrofit or replacement or equivalent lube oil filter.