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GTS Filters And Systems Pvt. one of the renowned industrial filter cartridge manufacturers. We offer Qualitative filtration Solutions to the various industries for their air, gas, and liquid filtration needs and requirements. Our manufactured products satisfy all the filtering needs.  A cartridge filter is a part of the tubular filtration equipment that can be used in various industries for numerous filtration requirements. The cartridge is enclosed within a housing and used to extract unwanted particles, contaminants, and chemicals from liquids. Our offered products are designed according to the various process parameters i.e. Flow rate, Temperature, Pressure. These products provide a high flow rate and dirt-holding capacity while maintaining a minimal pressure drop and are available at an affordable rate. It gradually catches the finer particles as the fluid flows to the center of the filter allowing for much greater retention capacity. We offer a filter cartridge for air, gas, and liquid applications. These industrial cartridge filters are used in applications where sub-micron filtration is required. These include beverage and food production facilities, chemical and paint plants, and applications where the filtration of acids and bases is required. 

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    Advantages Of Industrial Filter Cartridge

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    Our manufactured industrial cartridge filters provide high-temperature resistance and can endure high differential pressure. The consumers can customize filter cartridges design according to their requirements.

    Our offered filter cartridge have positive sealing which prevents even a minute amount of fluid getting leaked, like ‘O’ ring, Gasket and  Threaded connection, code 7 type and T Connection are used to provide positive, reliable sealing. We offer filter cartridges that are either constructed with the chemical adhesive methods or with the welded joints method. For the various types of oil filtration applications, we offer a bypass valve in our filter cartridges which opens when the oil filter becomes clogged or when the oil is too thick. This allows the oil to bypass the filter through a center tube. We also manufacture retrofit or replacement or equivalent filter cartridges as per the customer requirement.

    • Paper
    • Synthetic
    • Solyester
    • PP
    • Coalescing
    • Borosilicate glass fiber
    • Activated carbon
    • HDPE
    • Non-woven
    • Stainless steel wire mesh
    • Sintered bronze
    • Sintered wire mesh
    • Sintered powder filter medias

    Plain cylindrical and pleated configurations to increase filtration area.