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Largest Manufacturer of Duplex Filter Housings in India!

We are one of the prominent names in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality, long-lasting Duplex filter housing. Our decades of experience in manufacturing duplex filter housings makes us a premier choice in the industry. Backed by the passion and expertise of our team, we aim at developing future-oriented, excellent tools, and solutions.

Duplex filter housings are designed to filter a wide range of solid contaminants from liquids or gas. The application of these is spread across pharmaceuticals, coolants, oils, solvents, paints, inks, water, chemicals, and resins. Our duplex filter housing offers great filtration performance while operating continuously by switching back and forth between the two filter housings. We provide the best yet an affordable system to filter out particulate impurities from fluids and gas. These are a great choice for applications that require continuous flow without interruptions for cleaning.

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    The duplex filter housing features a ball valve between the two filter housings to allow an easy switch to the clean side from the dirty side without any interruptions in the flow. When the maximum differential pressure is achieved on the dirty side due to the accumulation of particles, the flow is switched to the clean side without much hassle. The options for the ball- valves include two-way, three-way, or butterfly valves. There is a locking flange that can be adjusted to hold the valve plug in its place.
    For normal operations, these filter housings can be operated without any maintenance, except for cleaning the filter element and checking the seals. Our duplex filter housings are made with high-grade SS 304 and SS 316 and mirror polished for improved resistance to adhesion of dust or dirt. Our premium-quality filters help in protecting engines, nozzles, heat exchangers, or any other valuable equipment from catching debris and dirt and thus preventing harmful flow contamination.