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We are one of the leading Duplex basket filter manufacturers. Our duplex basket filter is manufactured using high-grade material and it functions constantly without any halt when cleaning is required. The duplex basket filter system consists of two separate filter baskets housings that work separately. Once the first basket chamber is filled completely, the flow is diverted to the other one, enabling the first basket to be removed and washed. Duplex basket filters are offered in various types like a three-way ball valve, two-way ball valve, and a butterfly valve.

We offer duplex basket filter with flow direction in to out or out to in as per dirt load and application. We also offer a backwash type basket filter. Our Duplex basket filter in MS/CS MOC is available with Painted, hot-dip galvanized and powder coated. Duplex basket filter in SS MOC is available with mirror polished both sides and glass bead blasting. Our manufactured Duplex Basket Filter guards pumps, engines, nozzles, valves, heat exchangers, and other flow control equipment fitted by filtering and eliminating the foreign particles in the flowing applications.

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    As the fluid flows through the first strainer, the filter part collects all pollutants, which ensures that only clean water passes out of the strainer basket to the outlet port.

    The device is in the shape of a basket with a raised handle, such that all the impurities collected and retained on the panel can be removed easily and quickly. They are designed for situations where high amounts of solid particulate stuff are expected and where cleaning is likely to be done regularly.

    • Refineries and Petrochemicals
    • Power Plants
    • Oil & Gas
    • Water filtration and Cooling Towers
    • Chemical Industries
    • Automobile Industries
    • Steel Industries, Metals & Minerals
    • Textile Industries
    • Dairy and Food Industries
    • Dyes, Inks and paints Industries
    • Cement Industries
    • Fertilizers Industries
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Coolant Oils and Cutting Fluids
    Line Size ¼” NB to 30” NB
    End Connections 150# & 300# Flanged, Table E & Table F Flanges, DIN Standard Flanges Butt Weld, NPT/BSP Threaded, Hose Pipe Conn., Tri Clover Adaptor, SMS Union/Dairy Conn.
    Material of Construction CS, MS, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, SS317L
    Operating Pressure 0 to 50 Bar
    Operating Temperature 15℃ to 500℃
    Flow Rate Up to 1000 M3/Hr. & More
    Filtration Rating 1 Micron to 6000 Micron & More

    Top cover with nut & bolts type or quick opening type