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Conical Strainers, also known as temporary strainers are cost-effective solutions in many industrial applications. Conical strainers are used to safeguard downstream process system components in a range of sectors, including chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and maritime. Conical Strainers are commonly used in water handling applications to protect equipment from being damaged or blocked by undesirable sand, gravel, or other debris.

GTS Filters and Systems manufactures and supplies quality strainers and filters to both foreign and domestic markets. Our conical strainers provide an unrivaled solution for protecting components like pipes, valves, pumps, and so on, while also encouraging cost-effective solutions through innovation. We are one of the top Conical Strainer Manufacturers in India because of our precision in unique design, effective approach, and quality control.

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    Features Of Conical Strainers

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    Fulfilling Industrial Needs

    We Are Committed To Providing Reliable Conical Strainers

    As one of the leading Conical Strainer Suppliers in India, we understand that strainers are the most significant aspect of the pipe system in different industries. To fulfill the demands of industries, we build and deliver customized strainers. We have high expectations for the quality, safety, and longevity of our goods.

    Tell us your exact specifications, and we will create them according to your requirements. Browse our whole strainer line or contact us right now for further information.

    Technical Parameters Of Conical Strainer

    MOC MS, CS, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L
    Line Size 1” NB to 50” NB
    Suitable for Flange Class 150#, 300#, 600#
    Mesh Size 25 Micron & Above