Everything you need to know about Pleated filter cartridge

This cartridge media increases the surface area of the filter and allows it to hold a large amount of particles. The pleated media is designed to form layers that allow for absolute filtering while simultaneously capturing particles of various sizes.

Pleated filter cartridge is a surface filter that keeps particles from passing through the top layer of the filter.  Pleated cartridge filters provide a more exact micron rating than string wound or melt blown filters, making them a good choice for critical applications for the generation of more purity and sterile water.

Various Types of Pleated filter cartridge:

  • Filter cartridge made of polypropylene (PP).
  • Pleated polyester (PE) filter cartridge.
  • Filter cartridge made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).
  • Filter cartridge made up of nylon pleated.
  • Micro Fiberglass Pleated  Filter.
  • Filter with Pleated Pleats Cartridges, mostly Cellulose Pleats.
  • Filter with a backwashable pleated cartridge.

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Let’s talk about some Pleated filter cartridge types :

What Is A Pleated Filter Made Of Polypropylene (PP)?

The material in a pp pleated filter is completely polypropylene. Chemical compatibility is a feature of polypropylene. Graded filtration and good dirt retention are possible because of the multilayered pleated polypropylene structure.

What Is a Pleated Filter Made of Polyester (PE)?

PE pleated filters are washable and have a long service life since they are polyester, a 100 percent synthetic media. The pleated version is ideal for the filtration of dirt, sand, silt, and sediment.

What Is A Pleated Filter Made Of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)?

Due to its exceptional resistance to temperature and chemicals, PTFE pleated cartridge filters are quite popular in chemical and pharmaceutical applications. Pleated PTFE filters are commonly employed in oil and gas applications where process liquids must be saved from humidity and steam since polytetrafluoroethylene is a hydrophobic substance.

What Is A Pleated Filter Made Of Nylon?

Nylon is a hydrophilic material, hence the nylon pleated filter is one more solvent-resistant option. It’s also mainly used to filter both aqueous and organic liquids. Nylon 66 is a high-performance engineering polymer with excellent mechanical and thermal properties and compatibility with a wide range of fluids.

What Is A Pleated Filter That Can Be Backwashed?

Filters that may be cleaned by reversing the flow through the cartridge element are known as back washable pleated cartridge filters. The reverse flow eliminates the accumulated particles from the cartridge filter’s outer surface, ensuring that the filter media does not clog quickly and that the filter cartridge lasts a long time.


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