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Basket filter housing allows the straining and filtering of solid particles and impurities of various sizes from fluids and gas. Unfiltered fluid enters the filter housing and passes through them. With this, solids are trapped inside or outside of the basket filter, based on the design, and further removed when the filter unit is cleaned. A back washing arrangement can also be made to minimize the frequent need to remove the basket. The housing comes with a spring arrangement above the filter element to not only ensure the position of the basket but also prevent bypassing. These are preferred for the ease of removing and cleaning. Based on the application, these housings can be made of a single-cylinder, double cylinder, or even multi-cylinder design.

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    Technical Data

    Features Of Our Product

    Features Of Basket Filter Housing

    Easily removable & easy-to-clean

    Basket Filter Housings for Long-Lasting Performance

    The simplex basket filter housings are designed for operations that allow temporary interruptions for cleaning. Our filter housings find their application in cement plants, steel plants, petrochemicals, fertilizers, refineries, chemicals, and textiles.
    Our Basket filter housings are made from high-grade materials with superior, industry-standard techniques guided by our expert professionals. Our products stand out in the industry for their quality, reliability, and durability. With our metal basket filters, we provide a variety of options in materials, finish, designs, and sizes to suit our customers’ requirement. Multiple basket filter housing styles are also available including quick access, standard, low-profile, and hinged lid.
    Technical Data

    Specifications Of Our Product

    Features Of Basket Filter Housing