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GTS Filters and Systems Pvt. Ltd is noted as one of the leading Air filter element manufacturers. The air filter element is an essential component of the filter device that is used in removing solid particles in the air, explosive gas components in the atmosphere, or engine filters. This element is an important part of the air filter device and is used in a variety of industrial applications such as automotive and petroleum. The worst things that can happen to your engine are filth accumulation and a lack of airflow. Both can be caused by a dirty engine air filter. Our manufactured engine air filter element helps to protect the engines from such worries. The air cleaner filter is specifically designed with the elements that help in better trapping of dust, dirt, and soot in the engine. The air cleaner filter element helps in keeping engines functional without causing any damage. An air cleaner is essential for engine efficiency. As outside air travels through the filter before reaching the engine, it passes through the air cleaner element.

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    Dirt and filth that is harmful to an engine are trapped in the air cleaner element. Gradually, as more material is trapped, the airflow rate decreases, restricting the air that the engine needs. If the air cleaner element is not replaced, engine power, acceleration, and fuel economy are reduced. Using a non-genuine element may cause irreparable damage inside the engine.
    Our offered filter element is available in a variety of designs and sizes as per the requirements of our valuable clients. Our manufactured air filter elements are designed according to the predefined industrial standards. We use the best quality raw materials and advanced technology to manufacture this filter element. Key specifications include physical size, filter type, filter media, and airflow rate. They are used to clean the air before exhausting it. An air filter system usually consists of a filter element and the housing that contains the element. They come in shapes for different applications such as automobile engines, clean rooms, range hoods, or furnaces.
    Our air Filter Elements are fabricated with various types of fabric, paper, synthetic, polyester, pp, coalescing, borosilicate glass fiber, activated carbon, HDPE, non-woven, stainless steel wire mesh, sintered bronze, sintered wire mesh, and sintered powder filter material. Our manufactured products are tested by our inspection team during the production process in order to ensure their efficiency and dust assortment capacity.

    Our air filter elements are available with positive sealing like ‘O’ ring, Gasket, Threaded connection, code 7 types, and TC connection to ensure leakage. Our air filter elements made with the chemical adhesive methods or welded joints methods. We also manufacture retrofit or replacement or equivalent filter elements.